Chai Tots Preschool

Nurit Quinters

Have you ever heard of a school where NONE of the children cry on the first day? THAT is Chai Tots. It's a testament to their warmth, care and intelligence in navigating children's emotions. Chai Tots has created a network of warmth, safety, and FAMILY. The teachers and staff know our son so well, his triumphs are their triumphs. He LOVES going to school and misses it when he's not there. It is truly a unique experience that we will never take for granted.

Lindsay Pudavick

This is our 5th consecutive year at Chai Tots spanning the education of two kids. Our experience with Chai Tots has been one of kindness, love and support. Each teacher has made education fun and exciting! Our children came home singing songs, sharing the traditions and experiences of the Jewish faith as well as the critical foundational tools that helped prepare them for elementary school. At Chai Tots there was always an emphasis on social emotional learning as well, which helped both of our sons develop important problem solving skills. Above all, Chai Tots has been incredibly nurturing. The classes are kept to a nice size so all the kids get special attention. Our children learned to love school Chai Tots and we found a wonderful community along the way!

Andrew Glantz

Chai Tots is a special place. The educational experience is top notch but it’s so much more than a school. This is a true family and community that keeps getting better. The morahs are incredibly attuned to the sensitivities of each child and impart a love of learning and Judaism, as well as invaluable lessons to the students about interacting with one another, that will last a lifetime. Both my daughters came through the preschool program and are developing into the best versions of themselves thanks to their Chai Tots experience. Our only regret is that there’s no Chai Tots elementary school, middle school and high school!

Shari Ortner Middleman

Truly the warmest, most loving environment! This is a school that feels like family. The children are constantly engaged in magical learning- I’m blown away by how much my daughter has learned. Can not recommend Chai Tots enough!!

Anna Sharon

Chai Tots is the most nurturing, caring and warm environment you could ask for. Currently my youngest son is in the school, and I have three alumni. They all loved the school and were the happiest there. It's an accepting and supportive community with traditional Jewish values that they pass on to the children. The Morahs are doing an outstanding job and the kids have so much fun learning every day. I am so sad that I have run out of children that I can put in Chai Tots. Thank you for the wonderful journey!"

Malkah Bressler

Absolutely the warmest and most enriching learning environment possible! My daughter is so happy and so engaged that she wants to go to school seven days a week. The morahs make learning a joyful and rewarding experience; my daughter is confident, curious, and always eager to learn. Also, I really appreciate the emphasis on being a good friend and citizen; my child came in with very few social skills, and it's been wonderful to watch her learn how to make friends. We are so grateful that we found Chai Tots!

Shiri Kornblit

I have been a Chai Tots parent for 2 years now (for 2 kids) ages 2 and 4 in Windsor Terrace. One will be attending their pre-K (UPK approved!!!) and the other in the toddler class. Beyond the magnificent space (clean, bright and spacious with a private backyard playground), the elaborate and educational curriculum, the teachers exceed every expectation in regards to the love and creativity by which they engage the kids. Aside from their thoughtful educational style, their program is altruistic- building children's confidence via acts of "helpfulness" to those around them. My usually very shy and attached 2 year old walks in with a grand smile every day without turning back which is the best feeling a parent can have at drop off

Maggie Veatch

Chai Tots has been nothing short of phenomenal for our daughter's development. They truly take a whole-child approach. Chai emphasizes collaboration, kindness, and sharing. I truly feel as though we are in a team with our teachers. I can call them with any questions or concerns, and it has been a delight to watch her blossom and grow in their care.

Ariel Stein

We have been part of the Chai Tots community for 3 years and sending our children to the school has been the greatest blessing for our family. The teachers are incredibly warm and loving, and they make learning fun and engaging! Our daughters look forward to going to school everyday and as parents, we feel grateful for the education and values that Chai Tots has instilled in them.

Melissa Shacham

Chai Tots is Pearl’s safe space away from home.The morahs and staff are the warmest, most loving caretakers and teachers we could have ever hoped for, and we’re so thankful she’s been able to spend her days with them. She’s blossomed so much since being at school and has a light in her eyes that shines so much brighter because of her experience there. We’re so sad that school is ending and we hope our next experience will be even half as lovely as it’s been at Chai Tots.