Chai Tots Preschool

These are events that we typically host throughout the school year. At the moment, due to health and safety concerns, we do not anticipate being able to host them until further notice.

Getting to Know You - Friday Night Family Shabbat Dinner

It’s one special Friday night where all Chai Tots families get together to share in a beautiful Shabbat dinner! A three-course delicious traditional meal is served and the children perform their favorite Shabbat songs. Parents can hear from the Rabbi, and the children are always delighted to see their teachers and friends dressed up in a different kind of setting. An inspirational evening of tradition and fun. This event typically takes place in November and information is sent home with more details. 

Chanukah Event

A night of light, magic, and doughnuts! One of our favorite events of the year is our Chanukah festival, and not only because there are doughnuts! It’s a time when all our campuses get together for a night of traditional treats, a special performance and menorah lighting, and our grand carnival. There is typically an entertainer and all of the children have a wonderful time with their family and friends. 

Purim Masquerade Event

Purim is another favorite time of year when the children dress up in costume for our in-school masquerade extravaganza and a special after-school dinner where family and friends can join together in Purim spirit. At dinner, there is entertainment for the kids, as well as delicious food (featuring hamantaschen), a megillah reading, and our fabulous runway set up for all of our children to walk in costume. It’s a meaningful event and our children create long-lasting memories every year. 

Model Seder, A Taste of Passover

As Passover approaches, the children eagerly prepare for the holiday by experiencing their own in-school Seder. Creative hands-on activities are set up by their teachers, like squeezing grapes to make grape juice, grinding the maror, and cooking the potatoes to dip into saltwater. They discuss the story of Passover and truly get a feel for the holiday in a spirited and exciting way. The classes then all join together for a big celebratory model Seder donned in festive wear, recite the ma nishtana and take tremendous pride and confidence in the beautiful haggadahs they each created. 

Israel Day

In the Spring, the children are often gearing up for their wildly imaginative flight to Israel! At school, different landmarks are set up to offer a real Israel experience, with a visit to the Western Wall and to a local falafel place. The kids get a taste of real Israeli cuisine and a dose of real pride in celebrating our homeland. 

Lag Baomer

Every year, we host a beautiful BBQ outside of school and encourage all of our families to join. There’s always great music, delicious food, fun entertainment, and the children love seeing their friends and teachers outside of a school setting. 

Mother’s Day, Mommy & Me

The Friday before Mother’s Day, we invite all moms, grandmas, aunts, sisters, and the special women in our childrens’ lives to join us for an in-school special day of bonding activities. We bake challah together, create fun crafts, and spend time making beautiful lasting memories.  

Extra Connection Events

Throughout the year, we also offer smaller events such as, “Dad and Me Soccer” and occasional family get-togethers in and out of school. Stay connected and we will always keep you posted on these wonderful extra moments to partake in! 

Birthday Parties

In-class parties to celebrate a child’s birthday are always encouraged. We love to see our students excited about reaching special milestones. Typically, parents and family members are invited to join. With our health concerns this past year, we ask that teachers and classmates only attend birthday parties. 

Shabbat Parties

We love having the families of our Shabbat Ima and Shabbat Abba to join in our Shabbat Parties.