Chai Tots Preschool

Yes! Chai Tots Preschool is a warm, inclusive environment that ensures all children feel completely accepted and at home. We are proud of our diverse background of families. We have been successful at creating an amazing community of preschool families from all walks of life.

Yes. Our school is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services as well as the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

We have a higher teacher to student ratio than is expected of our school from the Department of Children and Family Services. This means there are more teachers and less students than are required. Our small class size and great ratios ensure your child gets the individualized attention that they deserve.

There is nothing typical about a day at Chai Tots Preschool. Each class has a different tempo and the teachers are very in tune with the needs of the children.  The children have a morning hour of work activities, all addressing the skills of early childhood, like math, science, pre-writing, literacy, art, fine motor, sensory, and more. Children have outdoor time each day. There is a circle time which includes songs, movement, and storytelling.  There is snack, lunch, dramatic play, blocks, dress up, a play kitchen, and more.  To check out the general schedule of each day click here. (put a link to the page “Programs” that has the sample schedule. 

Each class has a set of class parents that help coordinate class events. We also have an active PTA and encourage parents to participate! (This includes participating in facilitating school wide events like Thanksgiving, Chanukah parties, and our annual Big Event). Parents are also welcome to Shabbat Parties and their children’s Birthday Parties.