Chai Tots Preschool

We’re so glad you’re here and curious to learn more about our special school.  We look forward to welcoming you into our space. 

At Chai Tots, we’ve created a warm and nurturing environment for each child to celebrate their own individuality through exploration and learning. From the time children enter this world and all through adolescence, they are exploring the world with fresh eyes and it’s these early years of education that help mold and develop a child’s sense of self. Everything they experience affects them deeply and they’re excited to learn and collect information. Our programs are designed to encourage children to appreciate the world, through their five senses and emotional curiosity. At Chai Tots, we use our foundation of kindness and humility as a means toward building self-esteem and inner confidence. Treating one another with empathy and respect, are a big part of who we are. 

Our philosophy emphasizes personal growth and we are deeply focused on the mental, moral, and spiritual growth of each child at their own pace. We want children to celebrate themselves and help tap into all their wonderful talents and curiosities. We offer hands-on activities where children are encouraged to use their five senses to experience learning in a way that’s playful and exciting, every day. 

We value individuality, respect for our peers, and connection to our Jewish roots. Bringing an enriched education to our diverse community of Jewish students is something we are extremely passionate about. 

Our caring and dedicated staff serve as a gentle guide every step of the way, working with each child to help develop self-esteem, growth, and a love for learning that carries over beyond the classroom and into their future.

Follow our Chai Tots journey through pictures in our gallery and read more about us on our website. 

We look forward to welcoming our students each year and helping them grow into their best selves! 

Sarah Hecht